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Built and dedicated to the memory of Mollie Kleinman this beautiful education space held computers and classes for the children until April 2014. That is when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake damaged the walls and roof structure of the education center. We want to add 3 supporting arches to support the roof so the children can use the building again.

This Education Center would allow us to provide classes for computer training and learning English and other learning experiences for the children.

Due to lack of funds we have been unable to repair the Education Center. Gathering funds to repair/maintain other structural needs in this home for over 30 children has taken precedence.

Thanks to our recent ability to have a broader outreach to the caring public such as YOU through sites such as the crowdfunding site we are using here, we have hopes to be able to recreate the damaged facilities for the children. Consequently  we can continue to improve and grow The Salvation Army Acapulco Children’s Home and better meet the ongoing and increasing needs of the children in our city.

You are our hope. Thank you for your interest in our Children’s Home!

Help us re-open the Education Center with a crowdfunding donation today!

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