Salvation Army Acapulco Lucille Weiss Children's Library and Art Center

Our Founders daughter Lucille Weiss recently passed away. She spent her life living the values of education and love for the children at the Salvation Army Acapulco Children's Home, which her parents founded in the 1960's. She was a truly giving person in every way and she will be missed immensley.

Lucille and Jody Gardner, our Secretary/Treasurer at Acapulco Angels worked on creating a library for the children at the home. Through their efforts, hard work and generous donations from our supporters, the library opened in 2008.

Although the Library was very successful for many years, other thoughts prevailed and a few years ago the Library room was repurposed with some sport equipment and storage. Fortunately we now have other areas for sport equipment and do not need that space for storage.

We on the Board feel the reestablishment of the Children’s Library with an added Art Center can now be reestablished, and  again contribute to opening the children’s eyes to the world of possibilities available to them, as it certainly has in the past! We are all very excited about reestablishing the Library this coming season which will now be named

The Lucille Weiss Children’s Library and Art Center!

There are many ways you can help with this project. Please take a look at some of the possibilities below!

Download Our Library Guide
Download Our Library Needs Guide

This is our list of the Basics necessary to provide a comfortable and enjoyable place for the children:

The Library basics:
6 metal bookcases,
4 small desks/computer stations and 16 small, colorful stackable chairs,
3 work/study tables (4 children each), 12 stackable regular size chairs,
Library desk and chair for information, check out, etc.
16x18 feet of colorful foam rubber flooring
Big bulletin Board
Floor paint for the balance of the floor.
4 new ceiling fans
Blackout curtains for the “Sunny Side” window wall.
2 TV's for Online learning

The market places in Acapulco are the best/most economical places to find these basics and so we will research and find the items there.

Will you help us to rebuild the Lucille Weiss Children's Library and Art Center? You may make a donation to the library below.

Thank you for your time and for keeping Lucille's Dream a part of the Salvation Army Acapulco Children's Home for years to come.



Raised of $5,000.00 Goal

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